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Nowadays, the need for a professional attitude towards the monthly monitoring of utility payments as well as the activities of cleaning, landscaping, security, maintenance and other services related to creating and maintaining a pleasant living or working environment is becoming more and more prominent.

A major issue in the maintenance and management of residential buildings is the shared communal areas ownership and responsibility among many people with different interests and understandings. Our company ensures communication with everyone in a way that avoids inter-neighbour conflicts and creates an environment with normal relationships, which is pleasant for everyone.

Managing the maintenance activities related to the communal areas in apartment complexes is critical to feeling safe and satisfied with the environment in which the residents spend an increasing amount of our time.


Onsite Departments:

When organizing maintenance in residential complexes, the role of the Investor is very important – they set the structure by which the maintenance of the complex will be carried out in the future. We have been working with the largest investors and developers in Sofia and the country, and we usually start this process with the Investors at the conceptual design stage. Our common goal is to build systems and installations that will be maintained efficiently, easily and with fewer resources as this would save a lot of costs for residents and tenants later on.

There are two legal options in Bulgaria by which the maintenance of the common areas in the complexes is organized:

Individual maintenance and management contract

Through an individual maintenance and management contract, which is concluded with each property owner in the complex. The contract details all the services and commitments that our company has in relation to the maintenance of the communal areas. This agreement is a condition imposed by the Investor and it is entered into upon purchase of the property. Through this additional contract, the Investor guarantees the rules, methods, quality and quantity of services for the maintenance of the communal areas in the complex.

According to the Condominium Ownership Management Act (COMA)

At an officially convened and held General Meeting of the owners in the condominium, a Manager (house manager) is elected, who signs by express resolution and on behalf of the condominium a contract for the maintenance of the common areas with our company.

Property management

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Both building owners and users, whether employees, customers, visitors or tenants, benefit from the successful management of maintenance processes.

The benefits for the owners are:

– Extending the life of the investment – real estate.

– Reduction of utility and subscription costs

– Shorter period for return on investment

– Significant increase in real estate value.

Benefits to users:

– Safe, peaceful and pleasant environment.

– Increased job satisfaction and efficiency

– Confidence in the owner-user relationship

– Maintenance of a healthy environment

Facility management in administrative buildings

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The link between the environment and humans has been proven through scientific research. The way we think, act and feel is directly linked to our environment. This is why creating a pleasant working environment is now a top priority for every modern company. Whether you want your employees to feel more productive or you want to close a big deal with a client, it’s important to predispose people to feel good. This puts an emphasis on the building, the office, the environment we work in, meet and communicate.

In the corporate sector, the building is a financial asset supporting the core business activities of the occupier. The management of its maintenance processes leads to many associated activities that are unrelated and often interfere with the core business of the company.  The need to organise and control these processes is often the reason why our customers turn to FMG. They make the smart choice to get a complete solution to their problems, rather than devoting money and human resources to integrating all the necessary processes into their own structures

 Team of specialists selected according to the needs and requirements of the client

–   24/ 7 call center with adequate assistance

–   Project Manager and Facility Manager

–   Administration

–   Accounting

–   IT Specialists

–   Lawyers

–   Electrical Engineers

–   Hydro and HVAC Engineers

–   Technical maintenance

–   Cleaning staff

–   Security Guards or Porters

Events planning

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Overall organisation of events – organizing and conducting the Annual General Meeting of the Owners (AGM) in the Alba building, according to the procedure described in the COMA, sending invitations and posting Notices, moderation of the AGM by experienced lawyers – specialists in the field, according to a pre-agreed Agenda, registration of attendees, preparation of minutes and all the procedures arising therefrom

Administration of services for connection of objects to the networks of CEZ (electricity), Sofiyska Voda (Water and Sewerage) and Toplofikacia Sofia EAD (heating company)

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